Roger A. Kendall


Contact Information:

Prof. Roger A. Kendall, Ph.D

Department of Ethnomusicology
Program in Systematic Musicology
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Box 951657, Los Angeles CA 90095-1657

Voice: 310-633-1148;  Department:  310 206-3033
FAX: 310-206-4738


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I work in the broad field of music perception and cognition and musical acoustics. My specific research interests include musical timbre, the communication of musical expression, the relationships between music and movement, particularly in film, and the musical acoustics and psychoacoustics of tunings of the gamelan.  Current research continues in the psychoacoustics of contextual timbre and in the experimental semiotics of  music in film.   I am faculty director of MCAL (Music Cognition and Acoustics Laboratory) and coordinator for the Ethnomusicology and Systematic Musicology laboratory.


Classes include:


Cognitive Psychology of Music


Psychology of Film Music

Music, Science, and Technology

Foundations of Empirical Research

Seminar in Systematic Musicology

   1.  Computer Research

   2.  Experimental Design

   3.  Empirical Semiotics

   4.  Learning Theory

   5.  Programming

Experimental Research Methods



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