Body as Instrument: Movement Rites — Performance and Workshop

12 March 2018 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Location: Dynasty Room (2320), John Wooden Center, 221 Westwood Plaza, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, United States
Category: Department of Musicology

Body as Instrument: Movement Rites — Performance and Workshop
Monday, March 12, 2pm
Dynasty Room (room 2320), John Wooden Center, UCLA
Free Admission

Movement Rites is an organically interwoven, interdisciplinary, audience interactive movement-based performance piece; a ritual offering presented in a ceremonial style community “witness wheel”. The performance is the final project presentation for the ‘Body as Instrument” (Music History 191P) class community. 


Movement Rites illustrates in an experiential way, the transformational nature of movement, the creation and execution of performance, and the mutual everchanging “dance” that is shared between performer and witness. The audience is a literal container (a circle) for the performers in the center expressing themselves in service of their individual intentions and ideas from which the performance was created, and the collective spirit of what is unfolding in the moment in the center of the ceremonial circle. The witness’s role is to stay open and present with themselves in receiving what the performers are offering and to actively engage and support the performers in their witnessing. The circle itself will transform in shape as witnesses are inspired and invited to come into the center of the circle, thus creating a palapble interconnection of the entire community at the performance ceremony. Spoken word, dj mixed and live music will accompany and tennis balls will be given as parting gifts :)

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