"Concept, visualization, and arrangement is everything...

MSC IND 115 – Section 1
Meets from 6/24-8/2
Duration 6 weeks

Summer Session A
Tuesdays, 3-5pm
Thursdays, 3-6pm

The arrangement of the musical notes into parts…and then the arrangement of those parts within the “Sonic Field”…. the space between, above, below, behind and in front of the speakers. It’s like painting on an empty 3D canvas. Everything is possible … so you must choose the colors and use of dimension carefully.” – Adam Moseley, Instructor

Explore the techniques, methods and process of music production and larger issues in the art of making music in this hands-on course. Students will learn how to foster and capture performance and emotion in music through a variety of methods and tools, including artistic direction in-studio and choices made in sound, arrangement and application of technology.

Lecture, three hours; studio, two hours. Letter grading.
Adam Moseley, Instructor

Adam Moseley is a multi-talented music producer, recording engineer, mixer and educator.

Adam Moseley started his career at the legendary Trident Studios in London in 1978, where he quickly became established as an innovative engineer and producer. After 4 years at Trident, in late 1981 Adam moved to New York to work at Sorcerer Sound and Park South Studios. In 1983. he returned to London to work again at Trident I and establish Trident II Studios, where he helped build an incredible new team of producer/engineers that continue to be a driving force in today’s music.

Adam is known for his skills in song arrangement and instrumentation and his ability to nurture, direct and achieve exceptional performances from the artists with whom he works. Adam incorporates his vast range of experience from recording with classic Trident, Neve and API consoles to using the latest ProTools, Logic and Ableton technology and various recording/mixing systems, Plugin Alliance plugins and Barefoot speakers. With such a vast wealth of experience to draw from, Adam is able to adapt and apply the appropriate knowledge, techniques and colors to very diverse music genres and artists and pursue his concept of 3D dimensional sound in music production, arrangement and mixing. Adam is involved in R&D with several audio hardware and software companies and is exploring new immersive mixing in Binaural, Ambisonic and Surround Sound. Recently, Adam produced and co-created an immersive soundscape for the opening of the National Art Museum of Qatar and the Doha Film Institute.

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Masters of
the Craft

– Adam Moseley

<h1>Masters of<br />
<strong>the Craft</strong></h1>
<h1><em>&#8211; Adam Moseley</em></h1>
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