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Moses Aubrey, a fourth-year UCLA Student and Herb Alpert School of Music/LACC transfer Scholar, performs at the signing ceremony. Photo: Nick Lie Photography

A message from Herman Luis Chavez (class of 2022):

On behalf of The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, I welcome you to explore transfer admissions at one of the premiere music schools in the nation. We pride ourselves on our high musical excellence and strong transfer community. You’ll find a home among our dozens of ensembles, music and sound scholars, and fellow transfer students. Our transfer students are an important community throughout our programs and across the university. I acknowledge your resilience and hard work in pursuing your academic goals at UCLA. Transferring takes determination, passion, and growth. To me, being a transfer student means redefining what a college student looks like; when you come to UCLA, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that.

Whether you are a prospective student or an admitted transfer, I highly encourage you to become involved with the transfer community at UCLA. Here, you’ll find that transfers band together—whether you’re visiting the Transfer Student Center for transfer-oriented events, volunteering with the Transfer Student Representative, or jamming out with your fellow School of Music transfers at Schoenberg Hall, the transfer community is there to organize with you, study with you, and create with you. As a transfer, you are breaking boundaries. Transfer students write their own narratives, and I know you will bring much-needed perspectives to our musical community at UCLA. I am empowered to welcome you to consider The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music your next academic home as you continue on your journey of forging your own path through music.

In Strength and Solidarity,

Herman Luis Chavez
B.A. Ethnomusicology, Class of 2022
USAC Transfer Student Representative, 2021-2022

Thinking of applying, but not sure where to start? Visit the UCLA Undergraduate Admission Transfer Admissions page! This is where you will find all minimum academic requirements to apply, like minimum GPA and transferable coursework. Be sure to also check out the UCLA Transfer Admission Guide.