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Andrew Mason, Descript

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Sometimes you have the right guest at the right time. Andrew Mason is founder and CEO of Descript, an AI-driven transcription software that promises to make audio editing as simple as using a word processor. In this week’s Innovating Music podcast, we discuss the role of Descript in the current work-from-home experiment, as well as the features the company is rolling out to make podcasting more accessible to everyone. Along the way, we delve into Andrew’s entrepreneurial career, and how he turns lemons into lemonade as he transforms companies.

Guest: Andrew Mason, Founder/CEO, Descript

Andrew Mason is founder and CEO of Descript. He formerly founded Groupon in 2008 and as CEO grew the company into a global brand with 12,000 employees. In 2013, Andrew relocated from Chicago to San Francisco to record a music album, Hardly Workin’, and to start Detour, a location-based audio tours app. Andrew holds a degree in music from Northwestern University.

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