Ciro Zoppo Concert: Music of Eduard Pashinyan

Ciro Zoppo Concert: Music of Eduard Pashinyan

February 19, 2017. 3:00 pm

Ostin Ensemble Room 445 Charles E Young Dr E, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Ciro Zoppo Concert: Music of Eduard Pashinyan

The 2016 Ciro Zoppo project is dedicated to bringing long-overdue recognition to Eduard Pashinyan (1923-2004), an Armenian and Soviet composer, music theorist, teacher, and ophthalmologist, who is virtually unknown outside of the now small community of individuals who still remember their beloved professor of music, colleague, and friend.

Even though his harmony and polyphony textbooks remain the only Armenian language materials used for study at the music academy and conservatory levels, he remains obscure. Pashinyan was considered to be primarily an educator and a theorist. It is for that reason that his music in particular did not gain traction with the public during his lifetime and still remains little known. The intent behind this concert is to provide an opportunity for North American audiences—including the Armenian community—to familiarize themselves with the compositions of Eduard Pashinyan. -- Anahit Rostomyan, 2015 Ciro Zoppo Graduate Awardee


Pʻark Legendar Zorapetin (Praise to the Legendary Army Commander)
“Surb Astvats” (Holy God), from the Armenian Divine Liturgy, arrangement by Makar Yekmalian
Lirikakan: clarineti ev dashnamuri hamar (Lyrical: for clarinet and piano)
Anurjner: vets menanvag dzutaki hamar (Daydreams: six solos for a violin)
Parzitcʻ depi bardě: mankapatanekan albom dashnamuri hamar (From the Simple toward the Complex: Piano Album for Children and Youth)

Free Admission

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