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Dmitri Vietze, CEO of Rock Paper Scissors and StoryAmp, joins us to share stories of how new combinations of unrelated ideas create innovation in music. Our conversation ranges from his own background in activism, ways to unlock new businesses, the slow/fast dynamics of music change, and the richness of human relationships in music. He discusses the blurring of creator and fan, and the challenges of making innovation work in the marketplace.


Guest: Dmitri Vietze, rock paper scissors and StoryAmp

Dmitri Vietze is CEO of rock paper scissors, which started by helping global musicians market in the US, and now works as well with tech companies in music. He also launched and is the CEO of StoryAmp, which helps companies tell their stories through PR. Born in Nashville, Dmitri moved to NYC where he played in the subways while studying music at LaGuardia “the Fame High School” for Music and the Arts. After earning his business degree, he developed workshops using global music to show cultural differences as opportunities. He helped Portland record distributor Allegro set up a PR department, Dmitri started rps to focus on his global music and entrepreneurial passions. Dmitri is known for his crazy pants, infinite stream of ideas, and joyful engagement whether in writing, speaking one on one, or presenting at conferences ranging from SXSW to SF Music Tech. Rock Paper Scissors runs publicity campaigns for globally-minded performers, labels, festivals, websites, etc.

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