Contemporary Jazz


Contemporary Jazz Ensemble

Contemporary Jazz Ensemble

Course Info:
Global Jazz Studies 176A

Director: Hitomi Oba

Jazz Orchestra classes (91 and 161T) are designed for students in the global jazz studies major. These courses help to fulfill the global jazz studies degree requirements and are designed to train the students to become professional jazz musicians.

Occasionally there are openings in the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra for advanced-level UCLA student musicians who play instruments that are not covered by jazz studies students. There is an audition in the fall.

The Contemporary Jazz Ensemble studies and performs contemporary repertoire spanning diverse musical aesthetics and concepts with an emphasis on compositions by living artists. The ensemble regularly engages directly with modern innovators – most recently with San Francisco-based pianist/composer/social activist Jon Jang, developing a new arrangement of his extended work, “Reparations Now!,” celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. Over the past year, the ensemble has also focused on compositions by Toshiko Akiyoshi, Peter Apfelbaum, Anthony Braxton, John Hollenbeck, Jon Jang, Maria Schneider, and Miguel Zenon, alongside student compositions.