Music of India


Music of India

Course Information:
ETHNMUS 68F:1 (sitar), 68:2 (tabla), 168:1 (sitar), 1682: (tabla)

Rahul Neuman

Abhiman Kaushal

Fall 2023 Instructor: 

Miles Shrewbery

The Indian Music Ensembles focus on the performance of Indian classical music on the sitar and tabla. These are group classes where students begin learning the basic techniques of sitar while learning aspects of ragas, or music pieces. Ragas are melodies that unfold and develop, imparting a particular mood and array of feeling. Students will learn several parts a raga including alap, an improvised, unmetered section that introducing the piece, as well as gats, compositions set to rhythm cycles, or talas. The Music of India Ensemble performs short compositions of North Indian classical and semi-classical ragas (harmonic modes) and talas (rhythmic patterns on tabla). The ensemble is comprised of the students of Rahul Neuman on sitar (a long-necked lute with seven principal strings, plus 12-20 sympathetic strings) and the students of Abhiman Kaushal on tabla (drums).

For information about course enrollment, contact instructor Rahul Neuman.

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