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Apr 22 2021

Amplify Music 2021 – Day 2

Amplify Music 2021, April 21 - 23
Online via Hopin

Join Amplify Music 2021 for a free virtual conference -- connecting music communities and organizations and sharing what they are trying to co-create for 2021 and beyond.

This year's conference speakers include Professor of Music Industry Gigi Johnson, Professor of Music Education Frank Heuser, and Music Industry lecturer Natasha Pasternak.


Last April, 30+ organizations and 90+ speakers collaborated to create the virtual conference Amplify Music 2020, exploring what was happening locally around the world in music communities early in the COVID-19 crisis. We gathered for 25 hours around the clock.

For 2021, Amplify Music is expanding to 3 half-days of 30 half-hour sessions and creating local community interviews. We're bringing together 45+ organizations and more than 100+ speakers April 21-23 . . . plus creating Community Sessions in cities and regions that will continue through the fall.

All for free.

Technology: This event will be shared via Hopin.

You will hear 3-5 speakers per half-hour session. Sessions will be "live" with the guests in Hopin. You can talk with others in Hopin, plus connect in social media and Groups before, during, and after the event.

Session Topics Include:

  • 2021: Continuing what worked -- virtual co-creation; music streaming; music instrument and DAW sales; new organizing
  • Financial Bets 2021: Closing, Buying Up, Investing in Music
  • How Artists Make Money in 2021
  • Youth/Fans -- Where They See 2021 Ahead
  • Mental Health of Music Industry
  • Music in Civic and Emotional Recovery
  • Broken Puzzle Pieces -- Ways to Rebuild Community
  • Be Present Everywhere 2021 -- global organizations and leaders are taking the year ahead
  • The Where and Who of live music in 2021
  • The Virtual Where: Livestreaming, Gaming, and New Experiences in 2021
  • Community and Creative Identity in a post-WFH era -- radio as connective tissue in a hybrid world
  • Government Action/Inaction across the globe
  • Cities and Regions Working Together for 2021
  • The explosion of Streaming TV and Rethinking Film Releases - Impact on Music in 2021 and beyond
  • Rebuilding Arts Organizations in 2021 - Organizations at Crossroads
  • Music Education -- The Intertwining of Educational Disruption and Music Disruption
  • Relocation: Transformations of City Centers and Suburbs
  • Diverse Communities and Visions -- Whose Music Industries in 2021?
  • Streaming -- Composing and Creating Into the Social Vacuum
  • FuturesCasting -- 2023-25 -- where do we want to GO
  • Rethinking Space: Futures of Live Events
  • Rethinking Space: Changing Roles of Real Estate and Single Purpose Spaces
  • Rethinking Social Safety Nets and Shared Support
  • Rethinking Music Jobs
  • Rethinking Music Tourism
  • Rethinking Nightlife
  • Rethinking Organizing - new ways of organizing between and within music industries
  • Rethinking Changing Roles of Music in Media and Civil Society
  • Imagining Together 2025 -- World Cafe RoundtablesN