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Mar 8 2023

Learning (With) Software: Listening to and Making Contemporary Recordings

Lani Hall
This workshop is designed to introduce researchers to the main tools musicians and audio engineers use to make recordings. Expert audio engineer and pedagogue Jasmine Chen (Haim, Syd) will demonstrate and demystify some of the standard DAWs, and work with the audience to explore some of the features, constraints, and technical detail of digital recording. Catherine Provenzano, Assistant Professor of Musicology and Music Industry at UCLA, will also give a short talk about digital recording, and how knowledge of contemporary software might enrich one’s scholarship, criticism, and listening. We hope that this workshop will open lines of inquiry, engender engaged listening, empower researchers to consider how things are made in a range of contemporary contexts as well as historical ones, and highlight some industry conventions that artists across genres confront.
This event is open to anyone, and especially designed to be of interest to music scholars, librarians, undergraduates, music critics/journalists, and anyone else from our communities.

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