Last year (2015-2016), the Cabinet of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music approved the allocation of new funds from the Herb Alpert Endowment to support faculty travel and research, and to provide supplemental funds for special projects. Collectively these funds make up the new Herb Alpert “Faculty Opportunity Fund,” which will continue to be available for 2016-17.



Eligibility. The Fund is designed to support scholarly research of ladder faculty in all areas of the school, applicable to the actual expenses of conducting research (that is, the investigative phase of research rather than its development into original work or its presentation). The result of the work should lead to a scholarly paper (publication or conference presentation) in the faculty member’s field of expertise, or to other important contributions to the public dissemination of musical knowledge. Priority will be given to projects that involve graduate or undergraduate students in some meaningful way.

Award and timeline. The award maximum for 2016-17 is $3,000; applications are due November 1, 2016. Awards will be announced on or before the end of November by the Cabinet. Applications received after the due date will be reviewed only if funding for 2016-17 is still available.

Application. Limited to 2 pages. Submit a WORD document by email to Kathleen Moon at: .


Email Contact:

Phone Contact:

1. Title of Project

2. Briefly describe the research project; indicate if this is a new or ongoing project, and what your goal is (published paper, conference presentation, or other).

3. How will graduate or undergraduate students benefit?

4. Indicate your funding needs and expected expenditures; briefly summarize other funding you have for this project. Funds may be used for staff support (preference for students), equipment, or travel that is related to the project (gathering data, etc.). Travel to present a paper at a conference should NOT be included, as funds for this purpose will be made available through the Faculty Travel Fund.

Awarding of Funds and the Progress Report. Funds awarded will be placed in the faculty member’s department account. A Progress Report addressed to the Dean and a summary of budget expenditures will be due on November 1, 2017. Proposals may be submitted every year the fund is available but no additional funding will be considered or awarded until Progress Reports from previous years have been submitted.



Eligibility. The Faculty Travel Fund is designed to support ladder faculty and full-time temporary faculty (adjuncts and lecturers) who have an opportunity to attend a conference, symposium, festival, or other professional event during the year. Preference will be given to faculty who will be participating in a meaningful way in the event (see #2 of the application).

Award. The Award maximum will be $1,000 for 2016-17 (one application per year)

NOTE: Faculty may apply for one Research and one Travel Grant award each academic year.

Application and due date. The application must be submitted at least one month before the event is held; the application is limited to 2 pages. Please provide the following information in a WORD document submitted by email to Kathleen Moon at: .


Email Contact:

Phone Contact:

  1. Describe the event you propose to attend; give dates and location.
  2. Describe your participation: are you presenting a paper, participating on a panel, giving a keynote address? If you are NOT a participant but planning to attend as part of your own professional development, please explain why this is important to you now.
  3. Will students be attending with you? Have they applied for Student Travel support?
  4. Outline your expected expenditures: travel, lodging, meal expenses, etc.
  5. Describe other funds for which you have applied or received to support your travel for this trip.

Funds awarded will be placed in the faculty member’s department account. All requests for reimbursements (including receipts, etc.) must be submitted within 30 days of your return. All University travel regulations must be followed to receive reimbursements.

Applications will be accepted any time through June 15, 2017. Awards will be reviewed and awarded within 2 weeks after the application is received.