Prefixes are 825, 206, 794, 267
Name Title Email address Office Phone       Room Number
Addleman, Paul Assistant to the Director, Marching Band 310-206-9425   2409
Allen, Eshon Donor Relations Manager 310-825-9008   2686
Armstrong, Donna Asst. to Chair & Website Mgr. 310-825-8381   2840
Ashmead, Zoe Director of Enrollment & Recruitment 310-825-6457   1642
Bhattacharyya, Pranay Database Developer 310-794-7794   8260 Broad Art Center
Bicho, Ariane Director of Communications 310-206-3025   2860
Black, Lorry Assoc. Director, Milken Fund 310-825-3347   1402
Cano, Jesse Chief Financial Officer  310-825-3717   2744
Chan, Oliver Principal Musician      NA
Chen, Xiao Principal Musician      
Constantine, Alexa Principal Musician      
Dissanayake, Ravisha Desktop Support Manager/IT 310-825-0829    
Dyas, JB VP, Education and Curriculum Development, Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz 310-206-9501   2665
Eckart, Michele Public Events Manager 310-206-1095   1309
Fisher, Ken Assistant Director, Marching Band 310-825-3835   2409
Frey, Corey Theater Production Supervisor     1309
Galvez, Brenda Assistant Director of Student Services 310-206-5002   1642
Gilberti, Adam Museum Scientist 310-206-0120   B413
Gledhill, Daniel Principal Musician      NA
Gomes, Heather Academic Personnel Coordinator 310-825-0246   2678
Henao, Luis Director of Instructional and Music Technology 310-206-0848   2738
Hodges, David Prog. Analyst 310-825-8486   8269 Broad Art Center
Hood, Kathleen Ethno Pubs/Events 310-825-5947   1555
IT SUPPORT        
Kapouler, Inga Principal Musician      NA
Kunisaki, Lindsey Program Manager, Monk Institute 310-794-9919   2679
Lin, Jessica Sr. Musician     B418
Malkin, Iris Principal Musician      NA
Maria, Belen Student Affairs Officer 310-8254768   1642A
Martinelli, David Lab Technician 310-206-3943   B831
Martinez, Valentina Asociate Dir. of Development 310-825-3629   Ostin 339
McGarry, Shannon Assistant Dean 310-206-0090   2533
McLaughlin, Sean Piano Technician 310-825-7058   B418
Mizuno, Yoko Principal Musician      NA
Molina, Jennie Accountant 310-206-5184   2745
Moon, Kathleen Financial Assistant 310-825-4760.   2739
Morgovskaya, Valeriya Principal Musician      NA
Morikawa, Mitsuko Principal Musician      NA
Nagler, Stephanie Principal Musician      
Nerell, Loren Recording Technician 310-825-5260;
Neufeld, Zach Principal Musician      NA
Noël, Bret MSO-Music 310-825-4767   2725
O'Toole, Rory Development Coordinator 310-825-4238   2686
Pang, Jason Prog. Analyst 310-794-9022    
Peterson, Stina Sr. Admin. Analyst, Publ.      
Pezzone, Bryan Principal Musician      
Phillabaum, Paul IT Director      
Rezai, Sanaz Principal Musician      NA
Rider, Martha Manager, Latino Museum     NA
Runt, Brian Content Marketing Manager 310-206-4911   2686
Sadripour, Ava Executive Director of Development, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music 310-206-5645   2786
Seeff, Daniel West Coast Director, The Thelonious Monk Institute 310-206-9700   2671
Shi, Jiayi Principal Musician      NA
Shin, Hye Jung Principal Musician      NA
Smirnoff, Anton Principal Musician      NA
Spitz, Emily Chair's Assistant and Website Manager, Department of Musicology      
Strotman, Rob Network Administrator 310-825-1336   8269 Broad Art Center
Taka, Allison Student Affairs Officer 310-825-4769   1642
Tilkema, Debbie Admin. Assistant 310-825-1930   2745
Topete, Sandra Director of Academic Personnel 310-206-3020   2676
Ung, Nam Director, Office of Students Services & Enrollment Management 310-825-4215   1642B
Veirs, Russell Director of Operations 310-825-3402   2523
Von Bosen, Alix Chair's Assistant and Website Manager, Department of Music 310-825-1932   2625
Wong, Rosalind Principal Musician  310-206-5187    2836
  Asst. to Chair/Graduate Advisor, Musicology


(310) 206-5187