FOR THOSE SEEKING MUSIC INSTRUCTORS AND/OR PERFORMERS: The UCLA Department of Music, as part of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, provides the names of its students and other individuals who are available to teach or perform solely as a convenience to the public and in response to public demand. All individuals providing music instruction or performing are acting as independent contractors. Their services are not endorsed or guaranteed in any way by the School or The Regents of the University of California, or their respective officers, employees, and agents; the School does not conduct background checks on listed providers. Additionally, neither the School nor The Regents is a party to any such arrangements. Any disputes that arise are strictly between the provider and the retaining party, who retains such services at his/her/its own risk.


Please note first of all--The UCLA Department of Music focuses primarily on western classical music, opera, music theater, and some jazz.  If you are looking for a jazz ensemble or a music group that plays music of other counteries, such as Near East, China, Irish, old time bluegrass, mariachi, etc., please contact the Department of Ethnomusicology..

We ask that all inquiries regarding the hiring of student instructors and performers be submitted by email.  Please include ALL pertinent information:

For instructors, please specify the instrument, the age and experience of student, the teaching location, etc.

For performers, please indicate which instrument or type of group your are looking for, the performance location, date, hours needed, and the type of music needed.

Students will call requesters directly, and will negotiate compensation directly.  The department is not an instrumental booking agency and does not negotiate compensation or directly provide performers for events.

Send all inquiries to Alix Von Bosen at .   She will forward these inquiries directly to our student listserves.  Please put in your subject line either :"Request for Instructor" or "Request for musicians." 


Composition -- For special composition services (e.g. commissioning a new composition, soliciting student participation with a television, film or theatrical production, receiving theory and composition instruction, etc.), Alix Von Bosen at will forward your request to the Composition listserve for direct student response