Jazz Studies is a concentration within the undergraduate major in the Department of Ethnomusicology. Majors in jazz studies take private lessons, participate in combos and orchestras, and take courses in jazz history, theory, and improvisation. The presence of jazz studies within the ethnomusicology department facilitates exploration of the significant link between jazz and music traditions from around the world.

The jazz studies concentration seeks to produce outstanding and well-rounded jazz musicians with a strong academic foundation and to prepare them to enter professional careers in the music world. It also lays the foundation for graduate study in various aspects of music such as composition, arranging, film scoring, jazz performance, research, and teaching.

Jazz and other genres of African-American music may also be studied by music and musicology majors and nonmajors in jazz history courses in the Departments of Ethnomusicology and Musicology. Check the Department of Ethnomusicology course listings and the Department of Musicology course listings in the UCLA General Catalog to find those courses.

Jazz performance is also offered at the Master's level through the Department of Music in partnership with The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.