Jennifer Logan




Jennifer Logan is a composer of both electro-acoustic and instrumental works, explores narratives and conceptual/visual analogies, composing works that are influenced by naturally occurring mathematical phenomena while infusing them with sensuality, spirituality, story-telling, and philosophy. She aims to represent the evolving human condition and interconnectivity with the world we live in, imbued with multi-layered textural lyricism.

Ph.D. in composition from the University of California, Santa Barbara; M.A. and B.A. degrees in piano performance and composition from CSU, Fresno.

Dr. Logan published a 2-hour sacred electronic work, The Pantheon Quartet (commissioned by artist Myron Dyal), which was premiered in February 2011 in Los Angeles, and since 2007, has been featured on Classical KUSC, KPFK, and KXLU in Los Angeles for her concerts and collaborations with an international pool of artists for the Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey. Her third and fourth albums of electro-acoustic compositions (Planetarium and HeirosGamosSea) were released during the summer of 2012, while a fifth album, A Different Quiet was released online with the netlabel Stasisfield in 2014 and independently in 2018. Additionally, her research and writing on archetype, mysticism, and geometry as it pertains to music in Charon’s Pantheon has been published by the Athens Journal of Arts and Humanities, where she is now a review editor for the journal. She has done score preparation for Disney films such as The Great Wall, Game of Thrones Live Tour, and Moonlight live performances and is part of the production crew for Paint the Night, a multimillion-dollar performance/parade at Disneyland featuring fiberoptic fantasy costumes and multimedia technologies. She is the founding director of the Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey, a concert series dedicated to concert electronic and instrumental music that has presented contemporary works from sixteen countries to date, as well as feature, works from pioneering composers such as Stockhausen, Xenakis, and Varèse, where she has collaborated with performers in the presentation of Stockhausen’s original multi-channel electronic works Kontakte and Capricorn.

Dr. Logan pursued further doctoral research in computer music aesthetics at the University of Paris VIII. Her primary mentors have been Curtis Roads, William Kraft, Alejandro Planchart, Jack Fortner, Andreas Werz, and Philip Lorenz, additional seminars and masterclasses with notable musicians such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steven Stucky, Philip Glass, Donald Crocket, Paul Badura-Skoda, Abbey Simon, Paul Berkowitz, Ena Bronstein, and Horacio Vaggione. She has taught for the music departments at Occidental College in Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, and CSU Fresno, while her music has been programmed in the US, Europe, and Asia, and is available through iTunes, CDBaby, Stasisfield and other internet resources. Notable reviews include those by Mark Swed in the Los Angeles Times as “enchanting,” Josef Woodard in the Los Angeles Times as “sonorous and sensuous,” and the Journal for the Society of Electro-acoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS) for “beauty of sound surfaces, structures, and lyricism.”