Musicologists Transcend the Mind-Body Divide in Coursework and Research

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Sukha Gildart

The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Department of Musicology is at the forefront of conducting research and developing courses that focus on the role of the body in relation to the performance, creation, and experience of music.

Enroll today! A group of courses that considers the body as an instrument of interpretation and inspiration are being offered in the Fall quarter.

  • Body as Instrument (191P) is a hands-on movement course with nationally-recognized choreographer, movement teacher and coach Sukha Gildart.
  • Dance Pedagogy and Musicology (191G) is an undergraduate seminar that explores how different musicians, dancers, and scholars have transcended the mind-body divide. It will be led by musicologists Ben Court and Elisabeth Le Guin.

Read the interview! Discover new research on music and deafness by musicologist Jessica Holmes, a postdoctoral scholar and a recent recipient of a UCLA Chancellor’s Award for Research. Holmes recently presented a talk at the National Arts Centre’s Beethoven Festival in Canada, where she explored the connection between Beethoven’s deafness and his magnum opus — the Ninth Symphony. “Musicology has tended to undervalue the role of the body in the performance of western art music,” she said in Artsfile. No longer!