Liv Slaby


Liv Slaby, writer and director
Isaac Caldas, sound design
Cover art by Sarah Oh


Special thanks
Walla and foley: J.W. Clark, Alaina Dexter, Chloe Poswillo, Lu Walstad
Script edits: J.W. Clark, Deborah Slaby, Ryan Stevens

Carolina and Lulana are collegiate hockey players in a flooding San Francisco, determined to win their senior championships and move to Mars after graduation. When Lulana’s Mars-born pen pal Ariel announces that they’re relocating to Earth — specifically, to Carolina and Lulana’s team — the three find themselves entangled in fierce competition and increasing uncertainty about what lies beyond the rink.

Saskia Bailey-de Bruijn as Ariel
Rebekah Fowler as Carolina
Guinevere Govea as Lulana