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Kate Becker

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In this special episode, Kate Becker shares how King County, WA, is responding to the health virus, what they are telling their music venues, businesses, artists and community, and her perspectives on lessons learned.

Guest: Kate Becker, King County WA Public Health for Mass Gatherings, Creative Economy Strategist

Before the current crisis, Kate Becker had been the Creative Economy Strategist for the Office of King County Executive Dow Constantine in Seattle, WA.  For 5 years, she had been the Director of the Office of Film + Music in the City of Seattle, and had been a Commissioner for the Seattle Music Commission.  Her prior background includes being Director of Development and Exec. Producer for the Seattle Theatre Group, as well as being heavily involved in arts and non-profit work for many years.

This virtual event was co-hosted by the Music Policy Forum, Music Cities Together, the Center for Creative Futures at the Maremel Institute, King County Creative, and Innovating Music @ UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

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