Located at the Herb Alpert School of Music OMC #150 (Across from the OMC café)


Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate care and imagination with regard to recording arts, expand our students' daily way of listening, and facilitate collaborations among performance, composition, education, arts, sciences, and humanities. We do so by offering a designed acoustic space, state-of-the-art equipment, staff expertise, and generous studio time. By supporting faculty and students’ recording projects and music technology classes, along with their development of critical listening and the production of sound libraries, we add unique value to investigations around music recording techniques, sound perception, experimentation with composition and performance, the preservation of instruments’ and voices’ sound, and critical thinking. 

Quick facts

  •  Live room size: 1442 sq. ft. to accommodate 40-50 musicians
  •  Percussion isolation booth
  •  Vocal isolation booth
  •  Pro Tools HD system
  •  Console: SSL Duality 72 channels (Analog console)
  • Equipment list
  • Usage fees


Reserve the Studio

Students and faculty can reserve studio time using our online recording project application form

Contact us

Luis F. Henao