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The UCLA Center for Latino Arts (CLA) brings together people and ideas focusing on Latino visual and performing arts. Reflecting the rich diversity of Latino/Latin American cultures, the center develops ties to various peoples, locally, nationally and internationally. Such a global scope enables the dissemination of Latino arts in a much more integrative and meaningful way, and promotes intercultural understanding and positive interchange and learning.

El Circo Anahuac: An Aztec Opera
The story has all the makings of a great opera. Two young lovers; one a great warrior, the other a princess. He goes to war, she awaits his return. A villain tricks the princess into believing her lover is dead. She dies of sorrow. The warrior returns, is grief-stricken, and stands vigil over her body.
‘Juana’: The feminist, nun, scholar, thinker, poet—and now an opera | Peoples World
Peoples World reviews Opera UCLA's 'Juana', highlighting the opera's primarily female production team, the contemporary but accessible and inviting score and libretto, and the cast's enchanting performances.
The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Announces Fall 2019 Season
Grammy-nominated saxophonist Chris Potter, and jazz vocalist Fay Victor, are just two of the artists who will be part of the music school’s Fall 2019 season.