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More Podcast Episodes
More Podcast Episodes
Innovation is Messy...with Jack Conte, Patreon | Innovating Music Podcast
Jack Conte shares how he balances creating music (Pomplamoose and the funk band Scary Pockets) with running a large tech business (crowdfunding and community with Patreon.)
Livestreaming and Live Connecting with Dmitri Vietze | Innovating Music Podcast
A year ago, Dmitri Vietze of Music Tectonics shares his thoughts on crisis-driven shifts to music livestreaming.
Everything Old is New Again...with Ted Cohen | Innovating Music Podcast
Ted Cohen shares tales of doing things for the right reasons and the genuineness of artists vs. overproduction in live streaming and concerts.

Innovating Music

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Technology is continuing to expand and transform music and our human systems around it.  The Innovating Music podcast, launched in 2017, launched to look at Innovation in Music from all sorts of angles and beliefs.  It grew to looking at possible Futures in Music, both locally and globally. Some episodes were funny, some were deep in tech talk, and others were inspirational. Our Executive Director, Dr. Gigi Johnson, talked with start-ups, long-time industry leaders, new technology creators, artists, and others. Each episode shared how new technologies are transforming how we create, collaborate, and create communities around music in a connected age — in our home towns and in communities across the globe, plus in systems that connect these futures together.

Episodes included digital fireside chats with innovative guests on topics ranging from virtual reality, blockchain, and streaming to finding love, intractable problems, trust and relationships, and unanswered questions in innovation.


Future(s) of Music
in Los Angeles
(2019 conference)

Thanks to all who joined us for our Amplify Music in LA May 15 Conference at UCLA Charles E. Young Library and our Sept. 19 Amplify Music on the West Side Symposium with the Santa Monica Public Library and City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Department

Why Music Innovation?

Tech transforms how we live, create, and work with music.  At the UCLA Center for Music Innovation, we explored how technology changes music’s social connections and systems — which changes us and our relationships around music.

This Center focused not just on the “what” and “how” of Innovation around music, but also the “why?”, “why now?”, and “with what impact on which parties, separately and together?” from this system-wide disruption and rebuilding.

  • Why are creative and social changes happening?
  • How are these complex systems building and rebuilding?
  • How do our diverse belief sets and hopes affect changes we embrace in music?
  • How do we create together and separately based on these shifts?
  • How can we understand how others are re-crafting the business and community around us? Are we taking active or passive roles?  Can we take more active roles?
  • How do these changes affect us as people? How and where we work?  Our assumptions on creative tools?  Our assumptions about how we consume and are changed by music?  Our assumptions on how to study and teach it?
  • How can we re-understand local music and global systems?
  • How are shifts affecting music rippling through other sectors, changing how we experience—and expect to experience and create—culture and content? How might music be a Bellwether to other sectors?
  • How is the power shifting around music? What changes can we make NOW that will change music in 5, 10, even 25 years?
Music 2030 at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal
Dr. Gigi Johnson, Executive Director at UCLA Alpert’s Center for Music Innovation, joined a panel on possible futures of music at Web Summit’s MusicNotes sessions November 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal.  This panel on Music 2030 was moderated by The Guardian’s Eamonn Forde from The Guardian/Music Ally and also included Roland Lamb from ROLI and Pieter
The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Announces Fall 2019 Season
Grammy-nominated saxophonist Chris Potter, and jazz vocalist Fay Victor, are just two of the artists who will be part of the music school’s Fall 2019 season.
LA Times – Professor Gigi Johnson on the Difficulties of Winning a GRAMMY in an Age of Social Media and Streaming
READ: “With the scattering of content, the battle for awareness has gotten so rugged. How do you make human connections and take advantage of big things? The Grammys are one of the big things,” says Gigi Johnson, director of the UCLA Center for Music Innovation.