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The Innovating Music podcast launched in 2016 to look at innovation in music from all sorts of angles and beliefs.  Some episodes are funny, some are deep in tech talk, and others are inspirational. Our host, Dr. Gigi Johnson, talks with start-ups, long-time industry leaders, new technology creators, artists, and others. Each episode shares how we are transforming how we create, collaborate, and create communities around music in a connected age — in our home towns and in communities across the globe, plus in systems that connect these futures together.

So far, we’ve shared our digital fireside with innovative guests on topics ranging from virtual reality, blockchain, and streaming to finding love, intractable problems, trust and relationships, and unanswered questions in innovation.

Major themes include:

  • Transformation of different ways of seeing and wanting to rebuild differently
  • New music technologies, including creative support apps
  • Whole new uses and systems for data about music, creators, and audiences
  • Ways that cities and local ecosystems are changing and needing to change around live performance and community
  • New systems for rights management in a streaming-led world
  • New international patterns transforming genre and communities


Innovating Music Podcast Episodes

More Podcast Episodes
More Podcast Episodes
More Podcast Episodes
Innovation is Messy...with Jack Conte, Patreon | Innovating Music Podcast
Jack Conte shares how he balances creating music (Pomplamoose and the funk band Scary Pockets) with running a large tech business (crowdfunding and community with Patreon.)
Livestreaming and Live Connecting with Dmitri Vietze | Innovating Music Podcast
A year ago, Dmitri Vietze of Music Tectonics shares his thoughts on crisis-driven shifts to music livestreaming.
Everything Old is New Again...with Ted Cohen | Innovating Music Podcast
Ted Cohen shares tales of doing things for the right reasons and the genuineness of artists vs. overproduction in live streaming and concerts.
Connecting the World - Portia Sabin, Music Business Association | Innovating Music Podcast
Music Business Association President, Dr. Portia Sabin discusses the ways in which the music business is connected as a community, and how aspects of the music business have been affected in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Reconnecting with Virtual Audiences, Jay Gilbert, Label Logic | Innovating Music Podcast
Innovation often answers the call to action made by changing environments. In this week’s podcast, we talk with Jay Gilbert, photographer and co-founder of Label Logic, about the new challenges artists in the music industry face in light of social-distancing and what their “new normal” will be as the world regains its rhythm.
Blockchain as Buffet, Stefan Schulz, Bitfury Surround | Innovating Music Podcast
Stefan Schulz, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitfury Surround, discusses the potential of blockchain technology for connecting not just content, but data and new value chains for content.
Learning to Compose Virtually | Innovating Music Podcast
Rethink learning and education in music with UCLA alumnus Akira Nakano, the President and Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Inception Orchestra.
Bridging Fans to Livestreams | Innovating Music Podcast
Adaptation is key when it comes to technology and innovation. In this week’s podcast, we discuss how technology evolves to fit the ever-changing dynamic between artists and their fan-bases with Fabrice Sergent, the co-founder and CEO of Bandsintown. We look at new ways in which Bandsintown supports its artists with new features such as watchLive and a recent partnership with Twitch. We also discuss the shift in livestream viewing trends which have increased dramatically and what this means for artists and digital platforms.
Evolution of the Creative Workflow | Innovating Music Podcast
Sometimes circumstance sparks innovation when changing work environments require new solutions. This week on the Innovating Music Podcast, we talk with Michael Gitig of G-Technology from a new viewpoint on the workflow of creators, keeping the COVID-19 crisis in mind. We look at navigating creative processes and relationships through business and technology. We also discuss changes being made by creators and companies in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the lasting effects these innovations may have on future workflows and work environments.
Public Policy and Music: Innovation Bringing Cities Together | Innovating Music Podcast
Shain Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Sound Diplomacy, discusses music communities in cities as ecosystems and how public policy can support and protect them.
AI Changing the Way We Edit | Innovating Music Podcast
Andrew Mason, Founder and CEO of Descript, an AI-driven transcription software that promises to make audio editing as simple as using a word processor, discusses the role of Descript in the current work-from-home experiment, as well as the features the company is rolling out to make podcasting more accessible to everyone.
Public Health Outreach for Mass Gatherings | Innovating Music Podcast
Kate Becker talks about how music venues and live experiences in King County are responding to the coronavirus and sharing lessons learned throughout this process of pandemic and public health.
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EmpowHer Sound
Music Production for Women (MPW) and DistroKid have announced the EmpowHer Sound US Tour of free beginner music production masterclasses across New York, LA, Nashville, and Santa Cruz in July. Led by MPW’s award-winning founder Xylo Aria, these workshops covering Beatmaking, Audio Effects, and Synthesis, aim to empower female and non-gender conforming musicians. Tickets to
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