Stories of Music - FAQ's

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Getting Started
What is Stories of Music and how do you use it?
What is a “turnkey curriculum”?
What you will find in each Stories of Music lesson?

Engaging with your students
Discovery-Based Learning (DBL)
Promoting students’ personal connections to the material
Best practices around discussions
Use of Exercises to Promote Engagement
What is a breakout group?
What is a pair share?
Why do we include these types of exercises?
What is an ‘Extension Idea’?
Talking about music
Modeling language
Using terminology the students already know and understand
How to introduce terminology that you feel students need
Talking about Jewish culture
Promoting diversity and inclusion
Teaching virtually vs. in-person: It works either way!
Teaching as if there is no screen
Support Materials
The Classroom Presentation Slides
The Student Worksheet
The Resource Guide

Mechanisms of Support for Users of the “Stories of Music” Curriculum
Outreach to the “Stories” Team
The Stories of Music Team