UCLA Ethnomusicology World Music Instrument Collection - China

Instruments of China

The China collection has 57 pieces that can be used for solo performances and in large and small ensemble settings. Professor Li Chi is very active in teaching the Music of China ensemble as well as single instrument classes. She organizes shows on and off campus. The instruments from this collection include the erhu, pipa, guchin, yangqin, and sheng, among others.

Music of China Ensemble celebrates its 60th anniversary with fundraiser to provide all students the opportunity to learn and perform traditional Chinese music
As we celebrate the Year of The Dog this Chinese New Year, The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music also celebrates the 60th anniversary of our Music of China Ensemble. The Ensemble, established by the late Professor Tsun-Yuen Lui, and now directed by Professor Chi Li, promotes Chinese arts and culture at UCLA and in