Review from the Classical Voice North America of Performance of Mahler’s 6th Symphony for Piano Four Hands

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We’ve received this update from Professor Inna Faliks regarding a review of a recent performance of Mahler’s 6th Symphony for Piano with Four Hands:

Classical Voice North America wrote:

“On Aug. 31, Inna Faliks, the charismatic Ukraine-born pianist, made her highly anticipated Ravinia debut, performing as a piano duo with Daniel Schlosberg. …they conveyed Mahler’s all-encompassing spirit with stunning technical clarity and gorgeously shaded emotional depth. Faliks is a poetic pianist, unafraid to linger over a short pause or craft a melodic fragment to explode and fade with blinding speed. She never lost the singing-through line so crucial to navigating Mahler’s often chaotic universe. The Scherzo’s staccato, martial rhythms could be crisply stern but also piquant and witty. Its lyrical moments glowed, thanks to Faliks’ pliant, flexible melody lines. Colored by Schlosberg’s gravely serious lower voice, the Finale’s somber chorale and stunning hammer blows worked their magic. As Ravinia’s large, enthusiastic audience amply demonstrated, the chance to hear Mahler distilled for piano can be something special.”