Welcome fellow Bruins!

The primary functions of the Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management are to recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate undergraduate and graduate students at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. We accomplish these functions as part of the University’s learning and teaching mission by creating an inclusive space that allows us to provide comprehensive seamless admissions and academic advising, support services, and co-curricular opportunities to foster student success.

The Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management aspires to create a transformative experience for all prospective, incoming, and continuing students at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. Specifically, we strive to:

  • Develop creative ways to facilitate equity and inclusion in recruitment, admissions, enrollment, and retention practices, so as to matriculate and support a diverse student body.
  • Create a student-centered space that honors and values the student’s holistic experience and advocates for their wellbeing both in and out of the classroom.
  • Empower prospective and continuing students by providing the tools and resources necessary to make educated decisions and become self-sufficient.
  • Continually adopt and develop best practices to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the services we provide.

At the core of its beliefs, the Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management views advising as teaching. As such, we strive to reflect the following values in our daily interactions:

  • Building an inclusive and equitable community
  • Care
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Personal responsibility
    and accountability
  • Student advocacy


Nam K. Ung, Ed.D.
Dr. Nam Ung provides overall leadership and direction for the Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management. Prior to the School of Music, Nam managed a diverse portfolio of programs and services in the areas of academic advising, multicultural education, and residential life at USC, CSU LA, CSU Northridge, and UCLA. Nam earned both his BA and M.Ed. at UCLA (Go Bruins!), and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership at CSU Long Beach (Go Beach!). Nam enjoys eating, cooking, and traveling with his partner, arts and crafts, and lettering/calligraphy. 
Zoe Ashmead, M.A. 
Director of Enrollment & Recruitment
Zoe serves as a contact and advisor for prospective undergraduate and graduate students at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. She oversees the application and audition procedures and provides guidance for students throughout the admissions process. Zoe studied music performance (oboe), psychology, and English as an undergraduate at Denison University, and she earned her M.A. in Student Affairs Administration at Michigan State University. She enjoys reading, tennis, hiking, and playing and listening to music.
Brenda Gálvez, M.Ed.   
Assistant Director
Advisor for BA in Music & MA/PhD in Ethnomusicology

Brenda Galvez has worked for the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music since 2012. Her duties include assisting current students with their matriculation and eventual graduation, and other administrative duties as needed inside and out of the School. During her free time, Brenda enjoys leading college application workshops for high school and transfer students and taking her dog, Misha, for long walks. Brenda obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at UCLA and her Master’s in Educational Counseling at USC.
Allison Taka, M.Ed. 
Student Affairs Officer
Advisor for BA in Ethnomusicology & MM/DMA/MA/PhD in Music

Allison joined the Herb Alpert School of Music in March 2017. She completed her undergraduate degree at UCLA in Sociology with a minor in Education, and her Master's at USC in Educational Counseling. Allison played on the UCLA Women's Basketball team when she was an undergraduate and thus is a fervent supporter of all things UCLA athletics. When she isn't trying to catch up on sleep, she enjoys exploring LA with her dog Molly, baking, and trying out new restaurants. GO BRUINS!!!
Belén María 
Student Affairs Officer
Advisor for BA in Music History (MH), minors in MH & Music Industry, & MA/PhD in Musicology

Belen came to the Herb Alpert School of Music in 2012 as a student worker. Belen obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish and Community and Culture at UCLA. During her free time, she enjoys watching movies and documentaries, and reading Harry Potter over and over again. 


The OSSEM team is available to discuss your academic needs via appointments or limited drop-in advising sessions. Students who drop-in without an appointment or during times that are not designated as drop-in advising sessions will be asked to follow one or both of the following options:

Drop-in Advising Sessions: Every week of the academic year, our academic advisors host specific drop-in advising hours students may utilize for brief academic advising questions. Our front desk assistants will post sign-in sheets 15 minutes prior to the start of a drop-in advising session. You simply need to come in and sign up for a 15-minute time slot. Feel free to leave and come back when it’s your turn!

Drop-in Advising Schedule: 2017-2018 (beginning Week 1)

Brenda Gálvez
Mondays | 9am-11am
Tuesdays | 1pm-3pm
Wednesdays | 9am-11am
Belén María
Mondays | 10am-12pm
Tuesdays | 2pm-4pm
Wednesdays | 2pm-4pm
Allison Taka
Mondays | 9am-11am
Tuesdays | 1pm-3pm
Thursdays | 9am-11am

Appointments: For longer, more complicated concerns, students are encouraged to set up an appointment with their academic advisor. To do so, simply email your academic advisor with your availability and we’ll figure out a mutually agreeable time.

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