·       Department Petition

·       Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Committee Request

o   Ethnomusicology

o   Systematic Musicology

·       Doctoral Committee Request and Topic Approval

·       Language Declaration


·       Department Petition

·       Recital Approval Form

·       MM Committee Request Form

·       Doctoral Committee Request Form

·       DMA Dissertation Topic Approval Form

Graduate Division Petitions

  • Leave of Absence: Use this form to request a leave of absence from graduate study at UCLA.
  • Language Petition: To complete your language requirement, you'll need to let Graduate Division know which language exam or coursework you've taken. Needs a department recommendation.
  • Filing Fee: Eligibility to use the Filing Fee in lieu of registration requires a student to have met all formal requirements for the degree before the first day of.
  • In-Absentia Registration: When a full-time registered student who has an academic need to conduct research outside of CA.
  • Master’s and Doctoral Committees: Form and requirements governing nomination of a master's thesis committee and doctoral committee.