The Berry Gordy Music Industry Center Established

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The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music to Receive $5 Million Gift to Establish The Berry Gordy Music Industry Center
May 21, 2024. Berry Gordy, founder of the iconic record label and hit-making enterprise Motown, has pledged a $5 million gift to establish The UCLA Berry Gordy Music Industry Center.

Discover the Music Industry Program

UCLA Music Industry, Leveled Up
The new Music Industry BA program at The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music will empower a diverse community of exceptional students as next-generation transformational thinkers in the music industry. Committed to critical and socially-responsible entrepreneurship, all of UCLA’s Music Industry programs offer students unique artistic, cultural, and business perspectives on the music industry.
Read the Press Release
Read the Press Release
Read the Press Release
A New Curriculum

“The Music Industry program integrates a liberal arts curriculum with direct skills engagement through internships, apprenticeships, and student-led projects”

-Robert Fink, Associate Dean and Chair of Music Industry Programs

Check Out the Curriculum
Check Out the Curriculum
Check Out the Curriculum
Access to the Industry

“UCLA’s School of Music is closely affiliated with our industry and knows it well. Every business needs people who have the passion and the training that this program will provide. We need future professionals who’ve seriously considered many aspects of the music industry—cultural impact, creative innovation, and operational reality—and bring a fresh, informed point of view to the business.”

-Tom Corson, co-chairman and chief operating officer, Warner Records

World-Class Research Meets Industry Professionals
More than one quarter of the nation’s music industry job postings are in California, and seven of the top ten U.S. cities employing music industry professionals are within 50 miles of UCLA’s Westwood campus. Our Music Industry program is build to take full advantage of our unique location.


Taught by a combination of research faculty and working professionals at all levels of the music industry, the new degree provides a 360-degree view of the entertainment business, including music and the law, finance, entrepreneurship, artist management, live-music promotion, digital marketing, publishing and music supervision.


In addition, the degree provides creative instruction in audio technology, musicianship, songwriting and production.
Justice, Diversity, Activism
The UCLA Music Industry Program is committed to diversifying the industry, to social justice, and to musical activism. Based in a flagship public university, we provide an affordable, accessible path into the music industry for aspiring creative professionals. Our professional faculty includes both industry veterans and a younger, more diverse generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and executives committed to empowering women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ creatives both onstage and behind the scenes.
Twenty-First Century Accessibility
The program in Music Industry harnesses direct pathways for in-state transfer students. By offering this level of accessibility and affordability, the degree is poised to foster inclusive excellence in the music business playing field.

Faculty on the Leading Edge

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3 Seconds in October won the Emmy® Award for Societal Concerns from the San Francisco/Northern California Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Our Faculty

Jonathan Beard
Lecturer - Electronic Music, Audio Engineering
Dae Bogan
Lecturer in Music Industry (Entrepreneurship)
Bobby Borg
Lecturer in Music Industry (Industry Fundamentals)
Tony Brancato
Guest Lecturer in Music Industry (Influence and Data Mining)
Monica Chieffo
Lecturer in Music Industry (Influence and Data Mining)
Stig Edgren
Lecturer in Music Industry (Concerts and Live Events)
Jason Feinberg
Lecturer in Music Industry (Digital Marketing and Promotion)
Judith Finell
Adjunct Professor in Musicology (Forensic Musicology)
Robert Fink
Chair of Music Industry Program, Professor of Musicology and Humanities (Music Theory, Analysis of Popular Music, Internships and Industry Partnerships)
Hans Fjellestad
Lecturer in Music Industry (Music Supervision)
Don Franzen
Adjunct Professor of Music (Music and Law, Forensic Musicology)
Catherine Gregory
Lecturer in Music, Music Industry (Artistic Citizenship and Community Engagement), Director of the Gluck Fellowship Program
Thomas Hodgson
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Music and Data, Global Music Industry)
Jeffery Jampol
Lecturer in Music Industry (Artist Management and Promotion)
Lee John
Lecturer in Music Industry (Rock/Pop Ensemble)
Lauren Kop
Lecturer in Music Industry (Digital Production and Beat Design)
Amy Kathryn Kuney
Lecturer in Music Industry (Songwriting)
David Leaf
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Music Documentary, Songwriters)
David MacFadyen
Adam Moseley
Lecturer in Music Industry (Studio Production)
Tiffany Naiman
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Music Industry; Instructor, Music Industry & Musicology (Critical Perspectives, Capstone Sequence, History of Popular Music)
Natasha Pasternak
Lecturer in Music Industry (Songwriting, Touring, Songwriter’s Workshop)
Justin Paul
Lecturer in Music Industry
Catherine Provenzano
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Critical and Contemporary Perspectives on Music Technology)
Jessica Schwartz
Associate Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Punk and DIY)
Lauren A. Spalding
Lecturer in Music Industry (Music and Activism, Artist Management)
Mark Tramo
Adjunct Associate Professor of Neuroscience (Music, Mind, and Brain)
Allison Wolfe
Lecturer in Music Industry (Music Journalism, Audio Storytelling)

Make your gift to Music Industry Student Scholarships to support future generations of music professionals who will lead the industry forward with creativity, innovation, and social responsibility. Your contribution will foster talent from diverse backgrounds and empower students to make a difference in the ever-evolving world of music, all at the nation’s #1 public university.