Soheil Nadimi
Lecturer, Ethnomusicology

Co-director of the Music of Persia Ensemble.

Soheil Nadimi started his journey as a musician at the age of 3. He began by learning the tombak, a traditional Persian percussion, and later in his teens expanded his musical knowledge by learning melodic Persian fiddle instrument, the kamanche. At the age of 17, he immigrated to the United States and focused solely on the percussive elements of Persian music. Since then, he has performed in numerous concerts and held many workshops, teaching the percussive elements of Persian musics to a diverse audience of Iranians and non-Iranians. He has also been teaching the tombak since he moved to California.

He is currently working on incorporating Electronic Dance Music with Persian musical elements in live performances. This new experience is to achieve a congruous and yet innovative fusion set and a way of connecting music to other performative arts.

Melissa Bilal
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