What is Musicology?

Musicology studies the history, cultural contexts, and interpretation of music, and in recent decades has expanded its coverage to extend beyond European art-music to other traditions and regions. The Department of Musicology at UCLA has long been the recognized leader in the study of popular music, in studying music in relation to power and difference, and approaching traditional repertories and musical practices in innovative ways. The National Research Council ranks UCLA Musicology as the number one program in the country.

Musicology offers undergraduates a Major and a Minor, with courses ranging across European and American music, including specialized courses in EDM, Motown, blues, medievalism, musicals, rock, punk, film music, sound studies, and performance studies, and studying music in relation to politics, gender, and postcolonialism. Musicology is also the home of UCLA’s Early Music Ensemble, serving the larger UCLA community and offering several public concerts each year.

Musicology Faculty

Joy Calico
Professor and Vice Chair of Musicology, Director of Graduate Studies
Nick DePinna
Adjunct Assistant Professor--Musicianship
Nina Eidsheim
Professor of Musicology and Humanities Founder and Director of UCLA PEER Lab
Cesar Favila
Associate Professor
Robert Fink
Chair of Music Industry Program, Professor of Musicology and Humanities (Music Theory, Analysis of Popular Music, Internships and Industry Partnerships)
Thomas Hodgson
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Music and Data, Global Music Industry)
Mark Kligman
Professor of Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Humanities; Mickey Katz Chair of Jewish Music; Director of Lowell Milken Center for Music of American Jewish Experience
Raymond Knapp
Chair of Musicology, Distinguished Professor of Musicology and Humanities, Director of UCLA Center for Musical Humanities (CMH)
David MacFadyen
Tiffany Naiman
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Music Industry; Instructor, Music Industry & Musicology (Critical Perspectives, Capstone Sequence, History of Popular Music)
Catherine Provenzano
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Critical and Contemporary Perspectives on Music Technology)
Holley Replogle-Wong
Lecturer in Musicology, Program Director of CMH
Jessica Schwartz
Associate Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Punk and DIY)
Elizabeth Randell Upton
Associate Professor of Musicology and Humanities
Stornoway Releases a New Single
When Musicology professor Thomas Hodgson isn’t founding new peer-reviewed journals devoted to exploring music and data (yes, that’s right), he’s recording with his band Stornoway. And they have just released a new single. Stream the single now. We are delighted to be able to release an absolutely stunning new arrangement of our most recent single
Ray Knapp Wins Distinguished Teaching Award
Ray Knapp, distinguished professor of musicology and humanities, has won the UCLA Faculty Senate’s Distinguished Teaching Award for 2023-24. Knapp is one of six faculty selected by the award committee from a large field of extraordinary nominees across the university. “Ray Knapp’s thirty-five year record of teaching excellence has been a defining constant in our
Ashley Dao Wins Campus-Wide Leadership Award
Musicology major Ashley Dao is one of three undergraduates who has won the student leadership award from the UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She is the first student from The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music to receive the award. But her biggest moment may have been born of failure. “We were coming
How AI and Musicians Collaborate, a Ted Talk with Judith Finell
Music creation is one of the most distinguishing features of humanity. So what does it mean that AI has entered the picture? Judith Finell, lecturer in music industry at The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music offers a fresh perspective on how human creativity and artificial intelligence charts new territory in music composition.
Trailblazing Composer Anne LeBaron Honored with Concert at UCLA
Internationally-acclaimed composer and harpist Anne LeBaron marks her illustrious tenure at CalArts with a retrospective concert at UCLA’s Lani Hall, on Wednesday, February 7, at 7 PM. The program, encapsulating four decades of pioneering music, will be followed by an enlightening talkback and reception.
UCLA Musicologist’s New Book Explores the Sublime
Cesar Favila, assistant professor of Musicology, has just published his first book. Immaculate Sounds: The Musical Lives of Nuns in New Spain breaks new ground in its imaginative approach to recovering the lives of women who sang devotional music in Catholic churches. Oxford University Press has published the book in hardback. The UCLA Library has partnered with the

Explore Degrees

Graduate study and training in choral, orchestral, or wind conducting
The study of global musical traditions through performance training, research, and field work
Global Jazz Studies
Jazz performance and musicianship courses are paired with African American Studies
Music Composition
Mentorship in the creation and realization of music for concerts, opera, and visual media
Music Education
Preparation for music educators leading to a BA and teaching credential in just four years
Music Industry
A leadership-focused professional degree which prepares students to transform the creative, entrepreneurial, and executive structures of the music industry
The scholarly study of the histories, cultures, and critical interpretations of music and music-making
Music Performance
Study and training towards professional performance careers in Western classical music