Holley Replogle-Wong
Lecturer in Musicology, Program Director of CMH, Musicology

Holley Replogle-Wong received her PhD in Musicology from UCLA in 2009. She teaches courses on film music, American musical theater, and popular music in the Department of Musicology at UCLA, and is the Program Director of the UCLA Center for Musical Humanities. Holley is a regular speaker for the LA Opera’s educational outreach programs, including the Opera for Educators and Discover Opera series. Holley has music directed youth music and musical theater programs in Los Angeles at Crossroads, Harvard Westlake, and the Creative Artists Theater Space, and she sings with various Los Angeles-based vocal ensembles and for the occasional film soundtrack. Publications include contributions to Echo: A Music-Centered Journal (2005), The Oxford Handbook of the American Musical (2011), The Routledge Companion to the Contemporary Musical (2019)and The Oxford Handbook of the Television Musical (2022).

Tiffany Naiman
Director of Undergraduate Programs, Music Industry; Instructor, Music Industry & Musicology (Critical Perspectives, Capstone Sequence, History of Popular Music)
David MacFadyen
Raymond Knapp
Chair of Musicology, Distinguished Professor of Musicology and Humanities, Director of UCLA Center for Musical Humanities (CMH)
Thomas Hodgson
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Music and Data, Global Music Industry)
Mark Kligman
Professor of Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Humanities; Mickey Katz Chair of Jewish Music; Director of Lowell Milken Center for Music of American Jewish Experience
Nina Eidsheim
Professor of Musicology and Humanities Founder and Director of UCLA PEER Lab
Elizabeth Randell Upton
Associate Professor of Musicology and Humanities
Joy Calico
Professor and Vice Chair of Musicology, Director of Graduate Studies
Jessica Schwartz
Associate Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Punk and DIY)
Nick DePinna
Adjunct Assistant Professor--Musicianship
Robert Fink
Chair of Music Industry Program, Professor of Musicology and Humanities (Music Theory, Analysis of Popular Music, Internships and Industry Partnerships)
Cesar Favila
Associate Professor
Catherine Provenzano
Assistant Professor of Musicology, Music Industry (Critical and Contemporary Perspectives on Music Technology)

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